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To bring the seemingly impossible into the realm of the possible, one solution at a time. 

Our Principles

Overcoming challenges with technological solutions is a process with a clear end in sight, the hard part is accounting for the long term effects on humankind.

Here at Hi5 we believe that our humanity and its environment come first in everything we do. Through the application of the below four principles we can ensure a degree of excellence that supports longevity and a sustainable future.


Companies can get a copy of your personal data, but this data represents you, you are the creator and owner. Your ownership rights come first.


Who can access when, what, and where? What are the chances of a data leak? These are some of the questions that are keeping us busy.


Interfaces work when they become invisible to your conscious mind. This is our vision for any interaction we design in our tech.


If it can happen it will happen. Defects, human error, it does happen. To ensure long term data integrity we explore the extreme and aim for zero risk.


“The Multidisciplinary approach of this team is a plus”

Jury Members  |  Central Bank of Aruba - Regulatory technologies hackathon 2017



Hi5 was officially established on September 17, 2018. Around one year prior we came together to undertake the challenge of winning the Regulatory Hackathon organized by the Central Bank of Aruba, and yes we won! Our diversity in background, determination and skills is what made the teamwork work.

We are glad to be able to continue this journey with the same team, pathfinding our way to bring structure to the digital chaos, one solution at a time. History in the making.


History in the making