Esther Willems


Esther’s background is in economic analysis and describes her personality as a convergent thinker.

Her vision of the future is a future that is (1) customer service oriented, trustworthy and effective. This encompasses placing the customer first across the entire organization, with a high degree of emotional intelligence and exceptional relationship management. Using technology to augment customer interaction and not have customers feel as though they are talking to machines.


Leopold Laclé


Leopold’s background lies in systems integration. As an early adopter of technology, he evolved naturally to also become an Internet-of-Things enthusiast.

Leopold’s vision of the future is a future where ideation aims for (1) systems simplicity rather than complexity, (2) systems that are effortless to the point of being habitual, and (3) systems that are highly secure. All three must work in tandem as all three are critical components for the success and utility of solutions.


Juliet Carvalhal

Team member

Juliet is an experienced entrepreneur, characterized by her ability to help bring positive impacts to society and transform our natural environment protection policies.

Juliet’s vision of the future is a future that (1) is driven by moral values, (2) hacks innovation to minimize our human footprint, and (3) brings about transformative ways to collaborate without the negative connotations that are common in our current digital society.


Robin Leslie

Team member

Robin’s background lies in software and hardware engineering, he also aspires to (one day) become a mad scientist!

Robin’s vision of the future is one that (1) relies on automation, (2) is efficient, and (3) is convenient to the user. As automation progresses its use within our society it should continue to bring more positive transformations. Not everything should be automated, but if it does it should definitely endure the test of time both in efficiency and convenience.


Francis Laclé

Co-Founder and Director

Francis’ background lies in computer science with a passion for machine learning. His personality trait is that of an analytical thinker.

Francis’s vision of the future is a future that (1) is autonomous facilitated by technology that empowers us to make our own decisions for the betterment of humankind, (2) is efficient not just in its use but also in its footprint, and (3) abides by high ethical standards without social inequality and prejudices for both man and machine alike.