What is it that we actually do?


What’s our business?

Hi5's vision of a better world is driven by creating efficiencies using sustainable technology, allowing our future selves to look back with a clean conscience. We work on initiatives that put the individual's privacy at the centre, while still creating tangible business and consumer value. A carefully balanced combination of data-ownership, cloud innovation and our cross-functional team allows us to develop trend-setting holistic solutions to meet the needs of current and future stakeholder.

The great philosopher Immanuel Kant sums it up nicely:

“Always recognize that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end.“

How we work?

Here is our motto of how we approach a situation or an inquiry: “Challenges exist in order to be accepted”. More often than not we’ve found that at least one solution exists given the right circumstance. More often than not, determining a right circumstance is a matter of rethinking, redefining, and breaking down the obstacles that prevent a solution to be found; repurposing the input to achieve a desired output. Call this mindset innovation hacking if you will.

As a team with a diverse set of skills and disciplines, we try to extract the best of our individual field of expertise to contribute to our common goals. Criticism is encouraged and we foster an environment of open discussions and debates. By setting the products and services as entities that live above us, we also maintain an environment of respect and value for each other’s contribution. Always on the lookout for new and better ways to overcome challenges.